Stand Rentals

Rental Agreement

If you rent any equipment from Layered Bake Shop you are responsible for that equipment while in your care. Equipment can mean anything from dessert/cake stand, macaron stands, or anything else listed in the rental portion of the contract. Our rental terms are the following: 1. Items must be cleaned and packaged after use 2. If they are not cleaned you will be charged a cleaning fee anywhere from $50-$100 depending on the amount of soiled items 3. You will return these items in the condition they were provided to you by the Wednesday following your event (please schedule a delivery time by calling the bakery) 4. If you do not return the items by the Wednesday following your wedding the late fees are as follows: Thursday- $30 initial late fee with an additional $10 a day thereafter. Please note: you will be charged a late fee for every day of the week even if we are closed. 5. If an item is returned damaged, broken, or is lost you will be responsible for the replacement of that item plus any shipping fees involved.